How long will the visit last?
This depends on the size of your service and the amount of people you support. We estimate between 1- 4 hours depending on how many people we speak to. We do not want to disrupt your service so will work with you prior to the visit to arrange the best date and time to suit your service.

How do you communicate with people who have complex communication needs?
We use 3 different Quality Checking tools including easy read questionnaires and a talking mat. We will speak to the service provider prior to the visit to gauge the needs of the clients and decide which tool would best suit the communications needs. For those who have very complex needs we may consult their support network.

How many quality checkers will visit the service?
Depending on the amount of people we aim to speak to and the size of the service there will be between 2 and 4 quality checkers. There will always be a Team Leader attending the visit.

Who do you report to?
We give a confidential written report to the service provider we have checked. Expect the Best will publish a list of services who have taken part in Quality Checks on our website and in reports but the findings for individual services will not be published. Expect the Best report overall trends found in Quality Checks to the Local Authority to help identify service needs. If we feel there is a safeguarding concern we will report to the safeguarding team in the Borough of the service.

I want to work for Expect the Best, how do I apply?
If you are interested in working for the project as a sessional quality checker then please contact us at info@expectthebest.org.uk with your name and email address. We will advertise for staff on our website and in local Mencaps, we will contact you when we are recruiting again.

I attend a service and want a quality check, how do I organise it?
Contact us with the name of the service and we can contact them on your behalf to arrange a visit. Alternatively, you can speak to the service and ask them to contact us to arrange a visit.

What services do you check?
We check any service provision that provides care and support to people with disabilities. For the 1st year of the project we are focussing on learning disability services and we aim to extend this to all disability services in years 2 and 3.

What benefit is a Quality Check for a Service Provider?
By participating in a Quality Check a service provider is showing commitment to service improvement and providing a platform for the service users to speak up about what they think about the service. Following a Quality Check you will receive a participation mark to show that you have taken part in the Quality Check.