What Is A Quality Check?

A Quality Check involves a small team of Quality Checkers visiting a service at a pre-arranged time to ask questions to the people who use the service, in order to find out how they feel about the service provided.

Quality Checking tools

P1000016 (5) (690x414)The questions asked by the Quality Checkers form the quality checking tools which are based on the principles in ‘Caring for our Future’.

The questions we ask help us to know if services are good at helping people to:

  1. Feel Independent
  2. Be respected
  3. Make Decisions
  4. Have good support
  5. Have a good Experience
  6. Be in Control
  7. Participate
  8. Get good Value for Money
  9. Understand and be informed about Safeguarding

The Quality Checking tools are easy to read to ensure that people with learning disabilities are able to fully participate in the Quality Check and share their views on the service provided.

If a person has complex needs and it is not possible to gain their views, we will aim to speak to their carer.

All the information given to Expect the Best is confidential and we do not provide the names of who we have spoken with to the service provider.

Service feedback and reports

Following a Quality Check visit Expect the Best will collate the information given and produce a report for the service, highlighting areas of best practice and areas for improvement.

We will first visit the service providers to deliver verbal feedback and this is an opportunity for the service provider to give their views or comment on information we have received. A written report will then be provided. Expect the Best will suggest that the service provider creates an action plan when problems are identified to work towards improving the service for the clients.

A follow up visit will be arranged within 3 Months if an action plan is in place to see if changes have been made and if this has helped to improve the service.  Two further visits will be made for all services checked in years 2 and 3 to monitor the quality of service delivery.